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이지트립, 서촌편
Barrier Free Seoul Trip, Seochon.

비가 부슬부슬 내리는 날, 서촌을 찾아갔습니다. 휠체어로 다녀도 불편함이 적었던 여행지, 통인시장과 대림미술관.
그리고 맛있는 빵과 친절한 서비스가 있는 효자베이커리까지~ 무장애관광으로 추천하기에 딱 좋은 여행지였답니다.

We went to Seocheon on the day of rain. Tongin Market and Daelim Art Museum, which was a travel destination with a lot of discomfort even when going by wheelchair. And there was Hyoja Bakery with delicious bread and friendly service. It was a good trip just to recommend it as a sightseeing without blindness.